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Creative LED display case in Sichuan Jiafeng Museum

      Sichuan Tianfu Family Style Museum is located in Baizhuyuan Street, Xindu District. It is the most concentrated and integrated comprehensive exhibition hall in Sichuan Province's family style culture and the most integrity education resources. The theme exhibition hall of Fengjia religion. The content of the Tianfu Family Style Museum exhibition shall fully demonstrate the outstanding traditional culture of the family style and family education on the theme of family style and family education with the important expositions of General Secretary Xi Jinping's family tutoring family style, and focus on showing the achievements of the historical development of Sichuan family style and family education.

      The digital creative LED products undertaken by XD VISION in Sichuan Tianfu Family Style Hall include more than ten exhibition items such as large LED smart trees, LED round screens, LED phantom imaging, LED ice screen, various interior high -definition LED screens ... At this point, Chengdu has another beautiful business card that shows the deep historical and cultural heritage of the Chinese nation ...

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