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Case of LED Creative screen in Laozi Hometown, Henan

    XD VISION Five Custom LED Art Screens Light Light Laozi Hometown Scenic Area in Luyi County, Henan Province, which contains creative LED circular sky screens, LED large circular screens, indoor high -definition screens, etc., to promote Lao Tzu's life deeds, cultural relics, cultural relics The impact of historic sites and legends adds high -tech digital connotation. Lao Tzu, as a great thinker, philosopher, founder of Taoist school, and Taoist originator, was respected and respected by the world. Focusing on this feature, Xindi visual LED art screen concentrated reflects the essence of Lao Tao Dao culture. On the one hand, the focus of Lao Tzu's birthplace, with Lao Tzu's sacrifice as the main line, with Li's sacrifice and the source of the roots of Li, and the form of religious culture and sacrifice activities, which fully reflects Lao Tzu as the "vulgar" culture culture At the level. Highlight the characteristics of "vulgar"; on the other hand, this is the place where Lao Tzu is awarded, and the Lao Tzu is soaring, reflecting the difference between Lao Tzu and God. One of the "Three Dharma". Highlight the characteristics of "elegant". The theme function positioning is: You Lao Tzu's hometown, Pin Daojia culture; Reading the True Scriptures of Morality and Encountering Xuan Miao Life. The theme image positioning is: Lao Tzu's hometown, the source of Taoism, Taoist ancestral court, and the root of Li surname.

      Laozi's hometown scenic spot is located in Luyi County, Henan Province. It is divided into Taiqing Palace Scenic Area, Ming Dao Palace Scenic Area and other scenic spots. With the birth and growth of the ancient ideas of ancient Chinese, the world -renowned historical and cultural celebrities, and the cultural relics and monuments left by the sacrifice activities of later generations, it is accompanied by the humanistic landscape of other well -known historical ruins around them, and the natural landscape unique to the place where the place is. A combination of a comprehensive tourist area that integrates historical culture, natural style, and leisure and health.

      The LED round art sky curtain is a huge circular LED full -color display in the air. Through computer control, video animation, dreamy ocean, beautiful flower sea, etc., strong dynamics brings you shocking visual effects, just like Being in the vast universe, or historical river, travel between reality and dreams.

      The LED sky curtain system has a colorful LED display in design. With three -dimensional soundtracking systems, the image -sound synchronization is perfectly achieved. Large LED sky screens hanging on the ceiling are like a colorful satin, bright and deep sky, and then combined with lighting equipment such as new LED light strips, lights, and shooting lights to play a role of lighting and rendering. In it, it gives people a shocking visual and auditory experience with strong visual impact.

      The audience covered by the LED ring screen is two or even three to four planes, and the maximum coverage rate can reach 360 °. There is no dead corner audience coverage. Expand the coverage of the audience and increase the value of customer advertising. Improve the overall aesthetics of the building, the LED curved screen is better integrated with the building itself, improve the overall aesthetics of the LED display and attract attention.

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