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Hexagon LED screen of Hangzhou HUBin 88 Mall

     XD VISION's efforts to create 14 sets of high 800mm positive hexagon LED screen installation and debugging after the 14 sets of the Hangzhou Hangzhou HuBin 88 Shopping Mall. Please enjoy the effect!

    Whether in architecture or indoor design, the use of hexagonal shapes seems to be commonplace, and can be seen almost every day. In this case, the designer's hands are almost a representative of fashion and modernity. In this case, Emperor Xindi visual high -end Customized hexagonal LED screens were born. He can meet the designer's requirements for styling and fashion. He can arbitrarily combine and decompose, break the tradition of the conventional display, and let the LED vision display have more. Creative and possibility.

    Hubin 88 is located at the intersection of Pinghai Road and Dongpo Road, and the net red punch point next to West Lake -Music Fountain, the door is the latest Internet celebrity punch point in Pedestrian Street -Musen Landscape, in addition to a few steps, the largest Apple flagship store in Asia Opposite is the Luxien famous street, which can be said to be the core business location of Hubin Pedestrian Street.   

       Hubin 88 Shopping Mall will be made into a 5G ecology -based smart shopping mall. After the renovation inside and outside the mall, it is centered on the Linghu Sinking Art Plaza, and strives to create a special space on the lake cuisine with the highlights of the South Song culture. Become a punch point for Hanfu enthusiasts in the country. The flagship store of Sony Zhejiang flagship store and gender -free fashion clothing brand BOSIE has been settled.

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