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Xinjiang Tianbai Shopping Center outdoor high brightness case

   Xinjiang Friendship Group Aksu Tianbai Fashion Shopping Center outdoor high brightness high brushing project is installed and installed. This project is built by XD VISION, which has been highly praised by customers!

Project details:The size area is: 19.456m * 9.984m = 194.25 square meters

Model: Outdoor P16 Direct Insert highlight

Brightness: ≥10000CD ultra -high brightness

Refresh: ≥10000Hz ultra -high refresh

Features: signal dual backup, stable, ultra -low temperature start, long -term use

XD VISION DIP LED Display Advantage:

◎ RGB deep grey scale processing, rich color and HD image effect

◎ Strong cabinet with reinforcing rib, tensile and quakeproof, with dissipation holes, lifespan more than 10 years

◎ Energy saving design, can reduce 25% of consumption, it saves cost for customer, also friendly to the environment 

◎ Precision, Fast& flexible installation type, can be used in any installation conditions

◎ High intensity& anti-aging material, protection level as high as IP65, can resist any bad environment

◎ Support dot by dot correction, to make sure the consistency of color and brightness for one screen

◎ High quality material, mature craftsmanship, large-scale manufacture and reliable quality

◎ Professional navigation connector, keep the safety of whole screen 

◎ Complete series products, customized for your different need

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