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Beijing LED speaker display case

    Beijing Alien Modeling Custom LED speaker screen installation and debugging! This project is an alien LED speaker screen that is independently designed, developed, produced, and installed by XD Vision. It uses a high -definition LED screen model of P2 households and is equipped with the best NATIONSTAR golden line lamps+ICN2163 high brush IC to improve users to improve users Grade and eyeballs have a perfect effect. For more LED styles, please call us. We will bring you more LED visual art.

   XD VISION is a high -tech company focusing on providing customers with digital creative LED display overall technical solutions. The main product is the field of different LED display, non -standard LED display, and high -end custom LED display. The company covers the product design, research and development, plan production, production, engineering installation and after -sales service of creative LED display. For many years, the number of LED alien modules that have passed the main design, R & D, proofing, and testing and testing are 100 models, mainly for various specifications of triangle, trapezoidal, diamond -shaped, star, round, arc, hexagonal and other rules Or irregular models of various types of geometric graphics. XD VISION breaks the traditional LED display that can only be made into a rectangular shape of cold ice. It can be stitched into various irregular shapes to display some creative content. The promotional effect also better expands the application scope of the LED screen, allowing the LED screen to have better styling ability and artistic beauty, and bring unlimited artistic creativity to the prosperous city. With unremitting efforts and continuous innovation, in just a few years, XD Vision has gone at the leading position of the LED creative industry and has been highly recognized by the country and the industry. "Let art to light up the world and beautify life with creativity" has always been the goal of the XD Vision people's constant pursuit.

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