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2019 Industrial Bank Annual Meeting and Awards Ceremony Stage Background LED Display

2019, Stage LED display of Industrial Bank Annual Meeting and Awards Ceremony is provided by XD Vision. This project uses XD Vision XD500 series products, which are the darling of the market with high stability and high cost performance. It can offer a variety of displays evenings and events.


Advantages of the XD500 series:

1. With high refresh, high contrast and high gray level, the picture is more high-definition and fine;

2. The cabinet is light and thin, easy to assemble and transport;

3. Humanized power supply and signal indicator to facilitate fault detection and timely elimination;

4. The connector is made of professional-grade aviation plug, which is guaranteed by quality and safety;

5. It can be designed in a curved shape, and it is more diversified for design and installation;

6. A variety of installation options, such as stacked, mounted, hoisted, etc.


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