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The LED display project Haikou Economic College Media Building

The LED display project Haikou Economic College Media Building was completed. This project uses XD Vision XD-ISMD series indoor fixed screen, this project has the following advantages:

l   SMD three-in-one technology, which makes the screen have an ultra-wide viewing angle and better surface flatness and stability.

l   RGB deep grayscale processing, rich colors, high quality HD

l   Support point-by-point correction function to ensure the consistency of color and brightness during use

l   Precise, fast and flexible positioning installation, which can effectively cope with different installation environments

l   The inside of the screen body is fixed with reinforcing ribs, which are tensile and shockproof, self-heating, and have a life span of ten years.

l   Large-scale production, mature technology, high-quality raw materials, stable and reliable quality

l   The series is complete and can be customized to meet the different needs of customers.

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