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China Football Association P1.2 indoor ultra-clear small spacing

In March 2019, XD Vision installed two ultra-clear and small pitches P1.25 displays in the China Football Association Conference Hall, making contribution to the Chinese football industry. This block P1.25 small pitch display replaces the original projection display. Compared with the projection, XD visual indoor high-definition small spacing display has obvious advantages.


1. Super clear quality

XD Vision P1.25 series LED display has high color reproduction, which can basically restore the color of human eye recognition, bring high realism and super deep depth of field, making the viewers feel empathy to make the best effects.


2. Seamless stitching

In the display conference system, the seam of the splicing screen brings great inconvenience to the video conference, which makes the display effect poor and disrespectful to the displayed characters on the screen. XD Vision P1.25 LED display adopts a full range of die-casting aluminum seamless assembly, which makes the large screen seamless display and bring perfect display.


3. Soft light source and comfortable to watch

The refresh rate of XD Vision P1.25 LED display is higher than 3840Hz. The picture is stable without ripples and no black screen, which can effectively solve the smearing and blurring during fast image motion, enhance the sharpness and contrast of the image. It can make the video picture delicate, so that the meeting results are optimal.


4. Low light high gray

The low-light and high-gray features make the XD Vision P1.25 LED display always perfectly for any image.

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