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South China University of Technology VR+3D+LED interactive display

Following the World VR (Virtual Reality) Industry Conference, in December 2019, another classic VR+3D+LED interactive display project of XD Vision was unveiled at South China University of Technology, which enabled VR+LED and education to be perfectly combined. It provides realistic learning environments, such as building mannequins, computer space travel, and compound molecular structure displays. And it offers an infinite virtual experience in a wide range of subject areas, accelerating and consolidating the process of students learning.

VR+LED and education have unparalleled advantages in traditional education and teaching:

1. It can make students do all kinds of experiments without leaving the house, and get the same experience as real experiments. Under the premise of ensuring the teaching effect, the cost is greatly saved.

2. Avoiding risks of real experiments or operations, virtual reality experiments are used to perform virtual experiments. Students can safely perform various dangerous experiments in a virtual experiment environment.

3. You can completely break the limits of space and time by using virtual reality technology. From the universe to the atomic particles, students can enter the interior of these objects for observation. Some change processes that take decades or even hundreds of years to observe can be presented to students in a short period of time through virtual reality technology.

Through VR+LED teaching, students can intuitive learn product knowledge, and improve their practical operation ability. It also can reduce the teaching and training costs of the school and improve the training environment. The most important thing is that virtual training has subverted the original boring teaching mode and explored a new teaching path.

South China University of Technology VR+3D+LED interactive display project, was ordered at the 12th. One week from order, we finished production, transportation to installation and commissioning completed. Today, we successfully passed the owner's acceptance, and we are highly affirmed by our customers. We treat each project seriously and we are serious!

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