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How do we choose a shaped LED display, What should you pay attention to

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First, the brightness: the brightness should be moderate, the brightness determines the comfort of viewing. The brightness is too high and glare, the brightness is too low, the picture is not clear, and the brightness of the special-shaped LED display is generally 800cd/m2-2000cd/m2, which is different for different brands.

Second, the color of the reduction: LED display color reproduction is consistent with the source color, in order to ensure the image's realism.

Third, the screen flatness: the flatness of the LED display screen affects the quality of the image being presented. The screens that are shoddy on the market cannot be neatly arranged, and there are large and small bumps, which will lead to viewing dead angles and visual perception is very bad. The flatness is determined by the process, and the flatness of the surface of the cabinet should be kept within ±1mm.

Fourth, the dead point: the dead point of the LED display is to point to a single point on the display screen that is always bright or often black. The number of dead points is mainly determined by the quality of the die. The lower the dead point, the better the LED display will be.

The accuracy of the outdoor screen is not as high as that of the indoors. Because it is affected by the environment in the outdoor environment, the outdoor screen is more waterproof and energy-saving:

Therefore, when choosing, be sure to choose a screen with tight water resistance. The traditional screen is poor in energy saving. It often needs a cooling device to be used. With the advancement of technology, LED display has been more and more oriented towards the energy-saving screen. 

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