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LED spherical screen variety categories and application scenarios, installation methods

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LED spherical screen variety category:

1, watermelon skin LED spherical screen

The earliest appearance of the ball screen on the market, commonly known as the watermelon skin spherical screen, consists of a watermelon-like PCB. Its advantage is that the structure is intuitive and the types of PCB are few. The fatal disadvantage is the north-south pole (ie 45° north latitude). North, south of 45° south latitude) The image cannot be played normally, so the screen utilization is too low or the image is severely deformed. The reason is that all the pixel points of the current image source are arranged in rows, and the pixel points of the north and south poles of the watermelon ball LED screen are not arranged in rows, but in a circle, so Difficult to display.

2. Triangle LED spherical screen:

The ball screen composed of a flat triangular PCB, commonly known as a football screen, overcomes the shortcomings of the north and south poles of the watermelon ball screen, so the screen utilization is greatly improved. The disadvantage is that there are many types of PCBs, and the pixel points are limited by the honeycomb arrangement, and the dot pitch cannot be too small, and the software writing is also troublesome.

3, six-sided LED spherical screen:

It is a LED spherical screen composed of a quadrilateral PCB that has recently appeared, and is called a six-sided LED ball screen. The layout is closer to the flat LED display, and the minimum dot pitch is similar to that of the flat LED display. The limitation is not large or almost unlimited, so the effect is much better than the spherical screen composed of the triangular PCB. The entire spherical surface is divided into six faces of exactly the same size, and each face is divided into four cell boxes of the same shape and size, and six faces are 24 in total. Each unit box consists of 16 PCBs with LED lamps on their surface, and they are finally mounted as an LED spherical screen.

The basic principle of LED spherical screen: consists of core control module, rotating display module, wireless module, font module, motor drive module and power supply. The fan blade is designed to be round, and there is a circle of LED lamp beads on the fan blade. The color of the LED is monochromatic or multi-color. When the fan blade rotates around the central axis, a spherical surface is generated, and all of the spherical surfaces are LED, with the font software, when the fan leaves to the corresponding position, the corresponding point is illuminated, so that the display content of a spherical surface can be controlled.

LED spherical screen application scene: full color spherical led display, mainly used in museums, science and technology museums, corporate exhibition halls, exhibition halls, outdoor spherical video advertising, spherical lighting projects, etc., spherical led display can play video ads, brands Propaganda, can also be decorated and brightened.

LED spherical screen installation: Diversified installation methods, can be seated, hoisted, inlaid, embedded and other different installation methods to meet the installation needs of different customers.

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