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P1.25 small pitch display advantages

source:XD VisionViews:354Date:2019-04-22

As the continuous innovation of LED screen spacing continues to decline, P1.25 LED screens are more used in the field of business meetings. For large screen applications with high display efficiency, stability and light softness, the small spacing is more prominent!


Let us follow Xindi Vision to see what features the P1.25 series LED display has:


1. super clear quality


The conference display system has higher requirements for the realism and participation of the conference. The traditional display technology has a lower participation degree due to the lower color reproduction degree, which makes the conference effect greatly reduced. The color reproduction degree of the P1.25 series LED display is high. It can basically restore the color recognized by the human eye, the high degree of realism, and the strong depth of field, which makes the participants through the video conference feel the same, and the video conferencing effect is the best.


2. seamless stitching


In the display conference system, due to the content of the conference and the speciality of the participants, the seams of the splicing screen bring great inconvenience to the video conference, and the display effect is poor, and the characters displayed on the screen are also extremely disrespectful. The P1.25 Series LED display uses a point-by-point calibration system to individually control each pixel in each display cell panel, including its brightness and color control, for unprecedented uniformity, enabling thousands of LEDs can achieve the same illuminating characteristics, making the large screen seamless display and perfect display.



3. the light source is soft, comfortable to watch


Large-scale conferences generally take a long time. The long-term viewing of large screens by participants can easily cause visual fatigue. The refresh rate of P1.25 series LED display is not lower than 3840Hz. The intake picture is stable without ripples and no black screen, which can effectively solve the problem of rapid image movement. Tail and blur, enhance the sharpness and contrast of the image, make the video picture smooth and smooth, and not easy to fatigue for a long time; with anti-gamma correction technology and point-by-point brightness correction technology, the dynamic picture display is more real and natural, uniform The damage of the conference display system to the human eye is minimized, so that the conference effect is optimal.


4. low light and high gray


The micro-pitch LED display not only has high brightness of 1200cd/m2 and high gray level of up to 16bit, but more importantly, the product also has the characteristics of low brightness and high gray, ensuring minimum gray loss when the brightness is reduced; brightness is adjusted to The gradation level is 16bit at 700cd/m2, and the gradation level is 13bit when the brightness is adjusted to 240cd/m2. The low-brightness and high-gray characteristics make the micro-pitch LED display always perfectly and meticulously present any picture.


5. a variety of installation methods


In order to create a perfect conference hall scene, the micro-pitch LED display supports a variety of installation methods, which can be floored, hoisted, inlaid, and can be wall-mounted. Xindi Vision can design for users according to the space, shape and decoration design of the installation site. The best installation solution makes the display and the surrounding decoration perfect.


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