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Recently, the ‘ice screen’ is very hot. It has amazing effects on the stage.

source:XD VisionViews:750Date:2018-02-25

A “Beijing Eight Minutes” stunning world, a number of high-tech applications dedicated a stunning work that enriches Chinese culture and displays the image of China in the new era. Among them, the appearance of 24 "ice screens" exclaimed the audience.



On the ice screen, the image of China in the new era is presented – high-speed railway, China's modern city, National Stadium “Bird's Nest”, National Grand Theatre, Chinese Bridge, Expressway, “China Eye”, large aircraft, space station, etc.

What is the "ice screen"?

The ice screen is the LED intelligent transparent screen, which is a new type of LED display technology. It looks like a set of blinds made up of linear LED small lights, with a permeability of up to 85%, maximizing the perspective effect, and is one of the most clear display and best perspective display devices.

Ice screen features

01, high permeability

With a permeability of up to 85%, the image is clear but clear and flawless

02, quick installation

Plug and play, quick positioning, installation, optional lifting, vertical installation, etc.

03, thin and light

The product weighs 12kg per square meter, 60% lighter than the traditional screen, ultra-thin design, product thickness 50mm, saving space

04, HD

3mm minimum dot pitch, ultra high brightness 5500cd/m2, high refresh rate 3840Hz, high contrast 1000:1


The ice screen breaks through the design restrictions imposed by the traditional screen on the scene space, and is increasingly favored by the stage dancers. In recent years, various domestic and foreign variety shows, stage performances, etc. have applied rich top-level video content on the ice screen, creating a new expression of immersive dance.

National treasure

CCTV's large-scale Wenbo exploration program "National Treasure" uses 9 transparent floor screens with a base of 1 square meter and a height of 6 meters. It can not only make self-illuminated hollow images for background decoration, but also has a majestic and refined taste. Change the type of the table, form the shape of the icicle wall, the ceremonial arch, etc., to adapt to the changing needs of different scenes.



2018 Hunan Satellite TV Spring Festival Evening


In 2018, Hunan Satellite TV used a total area of more than 200 square meters of ice screens. It was the first time that Hunan Satellite TV used ice screens in such a large area at the party. It was another breakthrough and innovation in the design of the Spring Festival Evening.

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