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The CEO of Huawei Hisilicon sent a letter to the staff The spare tire for many years turned positive overnight, and the technology must be self-reliant in the future!

source:XD Vision Copy DepartmentViews:141Date:2019-05-17

Just now, a letter from Huawei Haisi Company to employees has been received.

The full text of the letter is as follows:

Dear colleagues from Heis:

At this point, it is estimated that you have been informed that Huawei is listed in the entity list of the US Department of Commerce's Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS).

Years ago, in the midst of the cloudless season, the company made the assumption of extreme survival. It is expected that one day, all advanced chips and technologies in the United States will not be available, and Huawei will continue to serve customers. For this assumption that never thought to happen, thousands of Haisi children have embarked on the most tragic long march in the history of science and technology, creating a "prepared tire" for the company's survival. Thousands of days and nights, we have a starry night and a hard journey. Huawei's product field is so vast, the technology and devices used are so diverse. Faced with thousands of scientific and technological problems, we have failed many times, confused, but never gave up.

Later in the years, when we gradually came out of confusion, saw hope, and inevitably lost and unwilling, worried that many chips will never be activated, become a spare tire that has been pressed into the safe cabinet.

Today, the annual ring of destiny turns to this limit and the dark moment, the superpower has mercilessly interrupted the technical and industrial system of global cooperation, made the most insane decision, put Huawei into the company under unfounded conditions. A list of entities.

Today is the choice of history. All the spare tires we have built have turned "positive" overnight! Over the years, we have fulfilled our commitment to the company's continuous service. Yes, these efforts have been continually linked to each other, ensuring the strategic safety of most of the company's products and the continuous supply of most products! Today, this dark day is the ordinary of every Hess. Children become the days of heroes of the times!

Huawei is determined to bring the digital world to everyone, every family, every organization, and build a smart world of Internet of Everything. We will continue to do so. In the future, in order to realize this ideal, we must not only maintain open innovation, but also achieve self-reliance of technology! In the future, there will be no another decade to build a spare tire and then change tires. The buffer zone has disappeared, every new one. When the product is born, it will have to synchronize the "technology independence" program.

The road ahead is even more difficult. We will use our courage, wisdom and perseverance to stand upright under the pressure of the limit, and strive to move forward! The sky is full of heroes, and the hardships are hard to cast Noah's Ark.

He Tingbo

Early morning, May 17, 2019

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