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The world's first ‘immersive’ LED curtain officially unveiled



The picture shows the structure of the LED curtain.

Recently, a "black house" was erected in the Jiangbei New District of Nanjing. There is a huge movie in the "black house" showing a high-definition short film. The people who entered it were shocked and amazed because the scene displayed inside was too real. The fluent video footage that comes with it allows the still audience to stand on the pillar.

After personal experience, the reporter found that this behemoth is the world's first "immersive" LED curtain, which will bring "shake" creative display products to the entire LED industry. This is a half-curtain with a diameter of 20 meters. It is installed vertically. The large-scale mechanical multi-degree-of-freedom motion platform allows the audience to sit in the air, such as flying in the air, creating a strong sense of on-site immersion, with multi-channel advanced sound system. The audio space is rendered so that the audience can get away from the door and get an extraordinary experience such as the global city beauty shuttle, interplanetary navigation, drifting and many other scenes.

The ball screen movie, also known as the "curtain film", is a big screen movie that appeared in the 1970s. The shooting and screening are all super wide-angle fisheye lens. The auditorium is dome-shaped and the screen is hemispherical. The audience is surrounded by it, and the screen is like a sky.

The ball screen display system refers to a double-curved display screen shape to form a bracket around the viewing viewpoint, and the displayed image content creates a spatial perspective effect close to the real environment, to achieve a sense of experience immersed in the view. The dome display system is the most immersive experience display of all display modes.

The dome display system that the public can see is mostly located in the theme theaters in the science museum, the planetarium and the large playground. The dome display uses projection fusion technology. At present, the world's largest dome theater is known to be located in the new museum of the China Science and Technology Museum. Its hemispherical screen has a diameter of 30 meters, and the movie screen has an area of more than 1,000 square meters. It is played by a projector and has a picture of 8K.

With the maturity of LED display technology, the demand for creative display is also increasing. Among them, LED ball screen is the first creative display product that appears in the public eye. From the first 250-year-old Jiangsu floats, the first 2.5-meter LED ball screen to the well-known LED ball screen of the Taiwan Pavilion at the 2010 World Expo... So far, the industry has also subdivided some professional manufacturers of LED ball screens. Its diameter is mostly within a few meters.

LED ball screen derivative flying theater is also attracting tourists' attention. In some large playgrounds and shopping malls, visitors' perception is no longer satisfied with the projector. They hope to experience more realistic scene effects, so replace the most popular projections. The small pitch display has more market space.

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