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Xiangsheng BoYue Bay outdoor custom LED screen

source:XD Vision copy departmentViews:261Date:2019-05-06

The high-end custom LED screen of Xiangsheng BoYue Bay has been completed and installed on May 1st International Labor Day with hard work and short time. The stable quality has been highly recognized by customers. This project adopts Xindi Vision XD-O series outdoor surface mount screen.

Xiangsheng BoYue Bay is located in the south of Yuta West Road in Zhuji City, west of the Cross Lake Road. The construction land area is 60751.6 square meters, the above-ground building area is 145804 square meters, and the underground building area is 488.

XD-O series outdoor surface mount fixed screen advantages:

● Adopting the best outdoor SMD three-in-one technology in the industry, it has an ultra-wide viewing angle and better surface flatness and stability.

● RGB deep grayscale processing, rich colors, high quality HD

● Support point-by-point correction function to ensure the consistency of color and brightness during use

● Internal fixed rib plate, tensile and shockproof, self-heating, long life of up to ten years

● Precise, fast and flexible positioning installation, which can effectively cope with different installation environments

●With IP65 protection level, no fear of any bad weather

●The series is complete and can be customized to meet the different needs of customers.

●Quality raw materials, mature technology, large-scale production, stable and reliable quality





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