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Sphere LED Display

XD VISION Sphere LED Display

The sphere LED display is mainly used in museums, science and technology centres, enterprise halls, exhibition halls, plaza, sphere lighting projects and many other places. The sphere LED screens display video with advertisement, brand promotion, and decorative lighting. Different way of installation is available, like free standing, hanging down, or embedded to meet different requirements. Sphere structure design can brings the display effect that cannot be achieved by conventional display screen, such as sphere playback, 360 degree viewing or custom-design visual effect.

The size and shpae of the sphere LED display can customized according to different requirments. If you need further info, welcome to conatct us by email,

Classic cases:

Yunnan Planning Museum ( P2.5 Sphere LED display Diameter 1.8m * 1 set)


Qiu Chengtong International Conference Center ( P3 sphere LED display Diameter 3m * 1 set)


Vanke Real Estate( P2.5 Sphere LED display Diameter 1m, 1 set)


Dubai ( P4 Sphere LED display Diameter 1.5m, 1se)


Yunnan Museum ( P2.5 Spherical LED display Diameter 1.5m * 1set)


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