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How do LED display companies cut into the creative display field

source:XD Vision Views:1008Date:2019-04-17

From the long scroll of Chinese painting in the opening ceremony of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games, the shape of the sail screen on the Guangzhou Asian Games, and the lotus stage slowly changed from the "giant ball" in the Rio Olympic Games, the LED display completely subverted the display. The impression of the screen in people's minds: the original LED display can be so creative, so beautiful! These long-standing classic LED display cases have not only been retained in people's memory for a long time, but also established a monument for the LED display industry, firmly standing in the field of outdoor display, and even become synonymous with creative display.



“Creative display” is a new concept in recent years that was originally used to distinguish it from conventional displays. In recent years, new display means such as projection, 3D, holographic laser display, AR\VR and so on have begun to be fully applied. As an important "top guy", LED display in the display field, of course, it is unwilling to be lonely, and the concept of creative display has emerged. In fact, the creative display is not a new thing. Since the birth of the LED display, the creative display has come along.


The creative display of the LED industry began with the creation of "shape"

As an engineering display product, LED display has been widely used in various outdoor display projects since its inception. In practical applications, due to environmental constraints and restrictions on the installation site or the special requirements of the owner, the LED display screens required to be installed often have irregular shapes, such as diamond, arc, fan, Cylindrical and even spherical, all of which are different. LED display manufacturers have developed a special shaped display module for these irregular display projects; in actual project development, it is also found that conventional control systems and video playback software cannot meet these irregularly spliced displays. The normal control and playback, and then the development of a dedicated control system and display software, and some projects even need to design complex motor drive structure.

The advantages of the freely configurable LED display in the field of outdoor display soon became apparent, and a large number of outdoor display projects began to choose LED display. “Shaped Screen” has also been officially established as a branch of the LED display industry.


In the early special-shaped screen project, due to the limitations of the market and the project itself, many special-shaped modules need to be technically tailored and temporarily opened for customization according to the actual situation of the project, resulting in the unity and non-replicability of the project. The entire profile display market has high technical thresholds and high cost, and the market is difficult to popularize. With the advancement of technology and the entry of module manufacturers, the threshold and cost of the entire profiled screen market have been rapidly reduced. With 80% of the conventional modules and 20% of the shaped modules, you can splicing out most of the shapes of the display screen; through a variety of strip screen modules can also be spliced out of a variety of shapes of shaped screens, especially in the stage application, there is a lot of expressiveness; some manufacturers develop soft modules (flexible screens) that can be bent and shaped at will. Through the efforts of these manufacturers, the threshold of the shaped screen has been effectively reduced. Nowadays, the creative battle of LED display screens is no longer creating "shape", but also creating "intention".

Creative display of the "blue sea" belonging to the LED display market

This is an era of technological outbreaks. Selling ideas and ideas is definitely worth more than selling products. Most people in the LED display industry know this, but the so-called easy to do, but what can be done is rare. When most companies in the domestic LED display industry are caught in the quagmire of price wars, some enterprises that use creative display as a selling point are getting mixed up. Due to the widespread homogenization of traditional conventional LED display screens, there is a serious excess of capacity. In order to survive, all manufacturers can only succumb to the price of the industry, resulting in serious internal consumption and many enterprises are dying. The main creative display manufacturers have cleverly avoided the price war, selling products to sell creative display solutions, in addition to the display, but also packaged a bunch of peripheral supporting products and services, the added value of its products is definitely more than selling the display The three melons and two dates are much more, and their profits are several times that of dozens of times to sell the display.

The creative display is a brand-new display method based on the technological advancement in recent years and the innovation of people's thinking. The creative performance depends on the display device, but it is more in creative means and form. As long as there is good material and expression, even a regular screen can achieve creative display. A novel way of performing in recent years is to use the combination of screen and material and the lighting of the scene to create a combination of real and illusory, and realize the novel creative display of multidimensional space.

Although the creative display emphasizes "shape", it is more important to "meaning". It should be said that "shape" is the "meaning" service. This is also a lot of manufacturers who are used to manufacturing LED display hardware. It is difficult to transform the root cause of creative display. However, the market always favors differentiated products, and the creative display is a differentiated product that can enhance the connotation of LED displays. The creative display is not as high as the configuration and technical indicators of the LED display. It is only for the characteristics of the LED display, and has carried out a new design and material development, so that it can fully integrate with the environment in creating an atmosphere. It is this design and re-engineering that fully exploits the potential of the LED display and enhances the connotation of the LED display, making it no longer just a display carrier, but a hub for creative projects.

Because the creative display is different from the purely manufacturing attributes, the current LED display manufacturing companies are not too many companies involved in creative display. However, as the phenomenon of homogenization of conventional products becomes more and more serious, it is imperative for some manufacturers to transform their creative display fields. But how to cut into the creative display market, the following points are for reference only.

First, refuse to be ordinary, carry out "alien" to the end.

As the beginning of the LED creative display, the special-shaped screen not only has classic cases, but also has deep digging space. Ma Yun said that the future is the future dominated by big data. If we want to survive and develop, we must rely on big data. We produce according to the requirements of big data and make things that meet the needs of consumers. What Ma Yun said is customization. Customization is the inevitable requirement of industrial upgrading after the scale of the industry and the technology reaches a certain level. Seemingly the same, the novel and unique display screen is sure to be more concerned, just like the mass-produced clothing in batch production, it is inevitable that it is tailor-made to fit, and the display screen is developed into a sub-segment to win the customized product. Customization can best take advantage of the LED display itself, seamlessly stitching, random modeling, unlimited size. From this, the enterprise can be transformed from a hardware provider to a comprehensive service provider for the display of the special-shaped screen. Taking advantage of the LED display, the company designs a display solution that can be integrated with the environment to create an atmosphere-enhancing atmosphere. For example, Gpark in the old city of Xi'an, Ruituo built a crystal in the square according to the connotation of the crystal square. Ruituo's creative, styling and connotation of crystal industry has made Xi'an's landmark architecture and also achieved the brand of Ruituo. The special-shaped screen is exquisite in its shape, and its effect is beautiful, and its personality is clearly won. “Shaping” is almost irreplaceable in integrating into the environment, carrying culture and improving the quality of the pattern.

Second, the wild lily also has a spring, the road of creative display of the regular screen.

The success of the special-shaped screen is foreseeable, not only because of its unique and novel shape, but also its distinctive personality. The most important thing is that he has fully utilized his own advantages to meet the market's expectation of creative display. If the special-shaped screen is the hard work of the LED creative display, then the connotation is the soft work of the LED creative display, so the conventional screen can also hold up half the sky. In the past two years, the well-received AR/VR. The technology of combining naked eye 3D and LED display has emerged in an endless stream. Many leading companies have also made creative developments along this direction. Last month, AlphaGo3:0 defeated Ke Jie, AI once again detonated the world eye, the combination of AI and conventional display, the feasibility of intelligent creative display is constantly improving. If so, even if you leave a new look, as long as there is good material and expression, LED creative display is still feasible. Conventional display screens are relatively inexpensive, and the technology is mature. Through the combination of content innovation and high-tech, creativity can be described as high quality and low price, and it can explode in the market with amazing competitiveness. High-tech technology can be said to be the second spring of the conventional display.

Third, another way to become an indispensable participant in the creative display.

Although the creative display has sprung up in recent years, it is indeed not a new thing. He has always appeared in the eyes of the public with engineering projects. Like the Spring Festival Evening in the past years, the grand opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Games, we all feel his charm. However, engineering projects are beyond the reach of most companies. The traditional creative display is a high threshold, high-tech, high-input system engineering, a long construction period, and many companies are discouraged. High cost and high technology make LED creative display always exist in the cloud, which is a niche consumer market. Nowadays, in the stage of market demand and mature technology, LED creative display will inevitably lead to mass consumption, and the market will become more and more broad. How to get involved in the creative market is a question that companies are thinking about. There are currently two ways in the industry, one is through the realization of the idea that the terminal enters this market. This is the way the industry has always existed to provide creative display solutions and ancillary services. The company is in the LED creative display ecosystem, making the best price performance products, and then becoming the supplier of LED creative realization, and finally the creative display market cake.

Fourth, standardize and industrialize the creative display.

LED creative display from the niche market to mass consumption is an inevitable trend, and the standardization and industrialization of LED creative display has become an inevitable trend. Standardized low-cost LED creative display is the key to opening the market. The standardization of LED creative display is to standardize production of enterprise products, and realize barrier-free connection between points and points between enterprises to form a complete ecological chain. The point is the product that the enterprise researches and develops according to its own advantages, or solutions, or modules, or control systems. After making an unobstructed connection, end customers can create a whimsical world based on their creative needs, or batch copying, or unconstrained. After the formation of the ecological chain, LED creative display has become a giant building block toy, players not only have industry people, but also consumers. High-end creative freedom and strong personality make the creative display become popular art like music and painting.

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