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Intelligent interactive technology dominates the LED display market!

source:XD VisionViews:307Date:2019-04-27

The birth of computers has always been one of the greatest inventions in modern human history. It has successfully replaced some of the functions of the human brain, especially in recent years, with new breakthroughs and developments in the field of technology, computers have once threatened human life. Therefore, the concept of intelligence has been used more and more in various fields of production and life. This is the inevitable result of the progress of the times and an area worthy of further study.

Intelligence is also the trend of modern human civilization. Industry has gradually integrated this element and realized more intelligent technologies. The LED display that used to be boring in people's image has become full of wisdom and vitality.


Although China's LED display market has reached saturation, with the leading research and development of LED display products and the new demand market and application environment, this will give domestic LED display. The industry brings more unexpected new opportunities.

More notably, in recent years, with the injection of new concepts such as the Internet of Things, mobile Internet, Big Data, cloud computing, and smart cities, interconnected technologies have provided tremendous impetus for the development of various industries. While subtly affecting people's working methods and thinking habits, it also promotes the innovation of various industrial development strategies. The front-floor subdivision of the tile screen is striking in intelligent interaction, which is a human-oriented unmanned concept. Today, the concept of wisdom can be said to cover every corner of our lives.

Escalators, unattended supermarkets, fingerprints, driverless cars, and our smartphones, all of which are becoming more popular to facilitate our daily lives.

From the perspective of development, the intelligence of the LED display industry is also the trend of the times.

In the interactive field, the performance of the LED floor tile screen is the most prominent, although it is currently a subdivision area, but the performance on the stage is very eye-catching.

With the ultimate pursuit of stage dance effects, the delivery and birth of LED floor tiles, and with the continuous improvement of the process, the LED tile screen effect is more clear and the color is more beautiful. Especially the intelligent interactive technology, intimate interaction with the dancers on the stage, the audience is like a scene, the picture is beautiful and realistic.

Dancers can also participate more in performances, and can also create and perform a comprehensive spatial effect.


One of the most exciting appearances was the successful use of LED floor tiles to create a stunning national visual feast at the 2009 CCTV Spring Festival Gala. The LED floor tiles screen was absent from almost all major stage performances. Now, holographic interactive projection technology has blessed, as a virtual reality technology and dynamic capture technology, there is no doubt that there is a broad space for development in the future.

It not only changes a form of communication, but also changes the concept of communication, from the traditional spoon-feeding form of communication to the satisfaction of human experience. Through the wonderful visual effects and wonderful movements, the information is transmitted to the closest distance of the consumer.

The combination of LED and interactive tile screens brings a certain feast-like experience. VR/AR and other technologies have accelerated the pace of entering the interactive era of human-machine interface. The realization of human-machine interface interaction in the LED display industry is the ultimate goal of intelligent development of LED display. With the extensive establishment of smart cities, relevant data indicates that the demand for smart urban transportation will continue to grow in the future, and is expected to reach 18.7 billion yuan by 2020.

According to the statistics of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the artificial intelligence market in China reached 23.9 billion yuan last year, and it is expected to exceed 38 billion yuan in 2018. The smart LED screen is the best proof of user intimacy and experience.

In fact, future LED displays will also abandon rigid images of cold display terminals based on infrared sensor technology, touch functions, speech recognition, 3D, VR/AR and other technologies. A smart display carrier that interacts with the audience.

The intelligentization of the LED display allows more users to have a more realistic scene experience. When people interact with the LED display, they can create a scene that combines scenes, making it easier to incorporate human emotions and emotions into the display. In the entire virtual reality market, virtual reality products are inseparable from LED displays. In addition, from the perspective of the virtual reality industry chain, LED display is the most basic and important hardware. The LED display has better image quality effects and can significantly improve the user experience of VR products. Virtual reality technology is bound to become the dominant role in the next technology era, because LED display is both an opportunity and a challenge.

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