Stair LED Display

Stair LED Display

  1. LED staircases, specially designed for stages, bars, shopping malls and other public
  2. high load bearing capacity and shock resistance,with acrylic masks or GOB design in surface
  3. Thin cabinet, the depth only 60mm
  4. Easy Maintenance, front module maintenance

Stair LED display--XST SERIES

Stair LED Display Cabinet with GOB Modules

Modular design makes it easy to assemble and install the cabinet

Simple operation, modules can be replaced individually, reducing maintenance costs. Size and quantity customized according to the steps.

Super Wide Viewing Angle as 140°(Horizontal)/120°(Vertical)

Fine Pitch for Photo or Video

Customized size and cabinets, only 60mm thinness to match the steps

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Technical details for Stair LED Display

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