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Hebi science and Techonlogy Museum

Hebi City Science and Technology Museum takes “cranes dance in the Central Plains, science and technology makes the city better” as the theme, takes “science and technology +” as the main line, and “Hebi +” as the characteristic, Seeing the future with “wisdom +”, comprehensively displaying technology and people, technology and life, technology and cities, etc., closely following the theme of popular science, highlighting technological elements.

Highlight the characteristics of Hebi, and provide citizens with a large-scale comprehensive cultural space to receive popular science education, experience cutting-edge technology, and improve scientific literacy.

The digital creative LED products undertaken by Xindi Vision in Hebi Science and Technology Museum include: LED preface hall huge portrait screen, LED smart sand table screen,
More than ten exhibition items such as LED water screen and L screen… let the audience fully feel the mystery of science, the magic of technology and the charm of Hebi city during the visit.