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Wushan Square, Hangzhou, Zhejiang

The immersive led at Wushan Square in Hangzhou,Zhejiang isproduced by Shenzhen XD Vision. The project is composed of an LEDcylindrical screen with a diameter of 3m and 8m high, a high-definition100 square meters interactive floor tile screen, and a 100 square meterswaterfall screen. Through the reflection of the surrounding mirror, theartist forms an immersive experience of infinite space in the picture andvision, making the space look infinite and the effect is quite shocking.

The feature of the immersive LED screen is technology, interactivity, andinterest. The LED immersive screen in Wushan Square uses sound, light.electricity, and other elements in a specific space, and makes use ofpeople’s sensory experience and cognitive experience to make the LEDart device more vivid. In such a field, the audience can experience frommultiple dimensions and feel the rich meaning behind the works wholeheartedly. This “experience mode” replaces theprevious “viewing mode”, so that the audience’s feeling and experience are placed in a core position, so that participantshave a feeling of being in the illusory world, so as to provide participants with a completely immersive experience.