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Chengdu Huayangnian Art Club

The“Huayangnian·Xiangmen Famous Familyart club in Chengdu, Sichuan Province is an artclub integrating reading, food, and exhibition.which contains tradition and modernity,timeand space,and creating a sense of fashion andmodern science and technology.Our companyhas customized interactive LED art installation.ntegrating abstraction and concreteness,artand function,qiving new behaviours to publicpace and adding more beauty to modernscience and technology

The showroom combines the outdoor P4 HD LEDscreen with the crystal architectural design. TheED light made of different materials performs avariety of transparent effects.The showroomfunction display is controlled by iPad to switch traffic, supporting facilities, grouped buildings, or gardens. The LED screendevice is an air lsland composed of two layers of transparent LEDs hanging from high altitudes. The digital image flowsnaturally in the air and turns into a field of light. As the footsteps move, the viewing angle will also change. The images arecontinuous, gradual change, blending, and superposition at different structural levels.