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Chengdu Family Tradition Museum

Sichuan Tianfu Family Style Museum is located in Banzhuyuan Street, Xindu District.

The theme pavilion of family tradition and education with the richest content and the most complete form of expression. The exhibition contents of Tianfu Family Tradition Museum are guided by General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important exposition on family, family education and family tradition.

Fully display the excellent traditional Chinese culture with the theme of family tradition and family education, focusing on the historical development achievements of Sichuan family tradition and family education. The digital creativity undertaken by Xindi Vision in Sichuan Tianfu Family Style Museum.

LED products include: large-scale LED wisdom tree in the preface hall, LED circular screen, LED phantom imaging, LED ice screen, various indoor high-definition LED screens and more than ten exhibition items.

So far, Chengdu has more
A beautiful business card that demonstrates the profound historical and cultural heritage of the Chinese nation.