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Langzhong Ancient City Immersive LED Cinema

The immersive LED theater in the ancient city of Langzhong is based on the new model of “cultural creation + tourism” cultural tourism IP. It is the first naked-eye glass theater in Sichuan. The theater passes through a time tunnel with a strong sense of substitution.

An immersive experience space formed by multi-faceted high-definition high-brush LED screens + transparent corridor bridges + panoramic sound + 8K immersive videos.

Experience an immersive film on the glass covered bridge. According to the unique scenery and historical culture of Langzhong ancient city, it combines scenic spots with culture, and makes tourists feel unique through different forms.

The history and culture of the scenic spot will enhance the value and upgrade consumption of the scenic spot. There are currently films: Mysteries of the Universe, Jurassic Jurassic Adventures, Ocean Adventures, Time Travel, Escape from the Dinosaur House, etc…