What is LED flexible screen

the led flexible screen is mainly composed of a flexible module, which is equipped with a high-strength magnetic core magnetic core connection device, and a flexible fpc circuit board made of flexible insulating substrate is selected. the mask and the bottom shell are made of high temperature and bending resistant silicone material, with high strength compression and distortion resistance, which can perfectly deal with the difficult problems of various “roundabout and obscure” devices. compared with the traditional led display, the led flexible screen has higher flexibility and plasticity,

LED flexible screen

the main composition of led flexible screen

led light beads: led flexible screens use led light beads as display components. led lamp bead is a semiconductor device that can emit light, which has the characteristics of high brightness, low power consumption and long life.

flexible substrate: the led flexible screen uses a flexible substrate as the substrate of the display screen. the flexible substrate is usually made of materials such as polyester film or polyimide film, which has good flexibility and plasticity and can adapt to various surface shapes.

LED flexible screen

driver circuit: the led flexible screen needs a driver circuit to control the brightness and display effect of the led lamp beads. the drive circuit is usually composed of a control chip, a power management module and a signal processing module, which can receive external signals and convert them into the control signals of the led chip.

LED flexible screen

lamp bead assembly: the led lamp bead in the led flexible screen is usually composed of a lamp bead assembly in a certain arrangement.

connection line: the various components in the led flexible screen need to connect and transmit signals through the connection line. the connection line is usually a flexible line or flexible cable to accommodate the bending and folding of the screen.

led display

control system: the led flexible screen needs a control system to manage and control the display content. the control system can be a computer, controller or other device that sends control signals to achieve the display of images and videos.

LED flexible screen

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