What are the types of creative LED screen?

Nowadays, great changes has happened in LED display market, and people are no longer satisfied with conventional LED displays. To meet the needs for audiovisual experience and maximize the attention of public, a variety of creative LED screen came into being. In addition to the traditional role of information display, the creativity in the shape has also further improved to make it better adapt to the overall structure and environment.

What is creative LED screen?

Creative screen, also known as Irregular shape LED screen, is a special shape design LED display transformed on the basis of LED display. In comparison with the conventional rectangular, flat plate LED display, its shape is different. Special-shaped splice screen, spherical screen, curved screen, L-shaped screen, tetrahedral hexahedron, letters and other irregular and strange shapes of special-shaped screen.

Types of creative screens

1. Spherical LED screen

Spherical LED screen is with 360° full viewing Angle, all-round video playback, with good visual effect from all directions and viewing angle. At the same time, it displays spherical objects such as the earth and soccer directly to the display, with vivid pictures, which is widely used in museums, science and technology museums or exhibition halls.

Spherical LED screen

2. Cube LED screen

Similar to the ball shape LED screen, the LED cube also get its advantages. The LED cube is usually composed of six LED faces and combined into a cube, which can be special-shaped splicing for geometric shape. The surface is perfectly connected with minimum gap between faces. It can be viewed from any angle, getting rid of the common look and feel for the traditional flat display screen. It is usually used in open and public area in bars, hotels or commercial real estate, which brings audience new visual experience.

3. Cylindrical LED screen

Cylindrical LED screen is of novel and fashionable design, which perfectly match the shape of the building. It has the advantages of high brightness and accuracy, wide viewing Angle, energy-saving and environmental protection, good stability, high wind resistance, easy installation, waterproof and so on. It can be spliced arbitrarily and has been widely used. It is the new favorite of many media display places such as exhibition venues, high-end shopping malls, stage bars, brand stores and other public places. It can not only view from multiple angles, but also avoid the shield of viewing angle area, getting the same display effect as the large LED screen.

Cylindrical LED screen

4. LED arc screen

LED arc screen is a upgrade shape from the common LED screen. It is a part of the cylindrical LED display, and its expansion map is a rectangle, which can make a wave shape LED display.

5. Strip LED screen

The strip LED screen is composed of a number of display strip molds, which is with bigger Pixel pitch, high transparency and permeability, lower contrast but beautiful and generous appearance.

6. LED canopy screen/ Ceiling floor LED display

LED canopy screen, also called ceiling floor LED display is often used in aquarium, large indoor exhibition hall, commercial style street and so on. It brings people novel play experience.

7. Irregular LED display

The irregular LED display is with an irregular design, such as a circle, a triangle, letters or other completely irregular shape. It get various forms, and can be customized or personized as needed.

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