Different Types for flexible LED screen

The flexible LED screen can be divided to different types according to its shape and application scenarios. The following are five common types of LED flexible screens.

Flat flexible screen: Flat flexible screen is one of the most common designs, it can be made into a variety of sizes and shapes of flat screen according to needs, such as rectangle, square, strip and so on.

led display

Curved flexible screen: Curved flexible screen can be made into curved screens as required, which is suitable for special scenes such as curved walls and cylinders.

flexible screen

Spherical flexible screen: A spherical flexible screen is a screen that can be made into a spherical or hemispherical screen, which is made for the display of spherical structures or spherical buildings.

spherical flexible screen

Three-dimensional flexible screen: three-dimensional flexible screen can be made into a variety of shape screens, such as cubes, polyhedral, etc., which are used for the design displayed from multiple angles.

flexible screen

Cylindrical flexible screen: Cylindrical flexible screen is used for indoor columns, such as stations, airports and indoor commercial space columns for art decoration or advertising display scenes

flexible screen

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