Media advertisement

It can be applied to all places indoor for publishing text, pictures, videos and other information, such as: exhibition hall, stadium, TV station, station ticketing hall, government office hall, entertainment stage club, bank, securities, transportation, industry and commerce, electricity, customs, hospitals, parks, airports, stations and other fields.

Program features:

★ Brightness self-adjustment: photosensitive control system can automatically adjust the brightness of the display according to the changes of the surrounding environment, which can save energy and protect environment;

★High refresh rate and high gray: high refresh rate and high gray level make the LED display more realistic;

★Waterproof design: with the unique waterproof box design, the protection standard is IP65, and it can be directly installed outdoors;

★ Network control: Support network control function, compatible with wireless, broadband, 3G network, enabling you to control screens in several cities in one place, and changing the content you want to play at any time;

★ Optical fiber transmission: Adopting an efficient optical fiber transmission system, which effectively reduces the signal delay caused by the long transmission distance and ensures the consistency of the picture playback;

★Double backup system: The power supply and system have dual backup system. Once a fault occurs, it can be switched to the standby system automatically or manually, without affecting the normal operation of the display;

★ Lightning protection device: The LED display has a built-in lightning protection device to prevent the display from being burnt by lightning strikes.

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